October 23 2014

Capstone E-Portfolio Introduction


  • Purpose & Audience:
    • My capstone project is a demonstration of many of the tools and methodologies used to develop and execute a successful online teaching environment. My immediate audience are the participants of this class, my class instructor and master teacher. Ultimately, I hope to expand my audience  to include other professionals in my learning community wishing to gain knowledge of the online pedagogy. I may also utilize this project as an opportunity to demonstrate my online teaching expertise for future employment in secondary- or post-secondary education.
  •  Standards & Goals:  
    •  My overall objective for completing this series of Online Teaching courses from VHS was to equip myself with what I feel are the necessary skills to successfully advance my teaching career.  I firmly believe that the future of education is online. Advancements in technology have provided many opportunities to expand education to a variety of learners. Many educational institutions are quickly realizing the advantages of this new educational model.
    • The primary goal of this capstone project , however, is to showcase the development of various projects I have utilized and incorporated into my existing classroom environment. My immediate intention is NOT to become an online teacher, but to seamlessly integrate technology into my current teaching practices. An alternate objective is also to utilize these tools and best practices in the development of a ‘flipped’ classroom. A secondary objective is to share what I have learned with my school colleagues and administration as well as provide examples and ideas within my professional learning community.
    • I also plan to apply the post-grad credits I have  obtained, to a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) in Curriculum and Instruction from Plymouth State University. (Note: This may belong in Future goals)
  •  Technology:
    •  This Professional Blog, Innovative Learning with Mrs .C is the primary means to communicate thoughts and artifacts within my e-portfolio. I will also use the class wiki to organize necessary information and share required links.  This serves as a learning model and and is an authentic demonstration of my primary learning objectives.
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