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Nurturing the new…


“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”  This quote by C. S. Lewis seemed to sum-up my final thoughts on my recent studies. We are not meant to tear down the thick architect of our traditional education systems, but to nurture the desolate and isolated areas in order […]

Capstone: Final Reflection & Future Goals


“There is a bigger picture, just step back from the canvas.” ― Ilona Simone When it comes to online classes – I love the discussion forum. It is where I think we obtain the utmost value from these courses , share ideas and experience other points of view. Being involved in this aspect of online  teaching […]

Capstone: On-Line or Face-to-Face?


A Reflection on online pedagogy as it is similar to and different from face-to-face instruction. As we close out our studies on best practices and becoming an online teacher, it only seems fitting to examine both the  online learning environment and the tradition classroom.  Both learning environments have their advantages and disadvantages, similarities and differences. […]

Web 2.0 video Reflection


While gathering artifacts to include in my final project for the capstone course of  the Best Practices series for online teaching, I realized that I had neglected to post  my completed final project from  my web2.0 class. It was that class that truely started my exploration of lots of awesome technology tools.  I have since […]

Week 5 – Communication


          In Effective communication in an online environment, Dr Bruce Johnson simply states, “Effectively communicating with students in an online classroom requires new techniques.” This is ,of course, easier said than done. It is the level of clarity  in which we deliver the message that predetermines its effectiveness. Johnson points out that “all of […]

Capstone: A case study


A Case study of an Entrepreneurial student As a method to evaluate the effectiveness of my online practicum course Entrepreneurship, I  examined one student’s progress for the first 10 weeks of class. This case study examines the students participation, interaction with both the teacher and other students, level and demonstration of critical thinking skills, familiarity […]

Week 4 – Feedback has an important role


Many of the readings this week, have indicated that feedback plays an important role in the learning experience. An alternative article, I discovered @ on the subject identified the following critical components of effective feedback; Feedback must have a element of timeliness, It must be motivational, It is best when individualized  and personalized, It […]

Capstone : Practicum Course Interactivity


OBSERVATIONS & ARTIFACTS  of  Practicum Course Interactivity teacher-student and student-student  “Interactivity is not inherent. It must be designed.” “A course for online delivery involves designing active and collaborative learning activities that take full advantage of digital communication.” (DePaul Teaching Commons. 2014) . I have learned this to be the case from my practicum, personal teaching experience and […]

Capstone: Personal Reflections and Observations


MY TEACHING PHILOSOPHY AND PRACTICES The focus of my teaching is primarily project-based with strong elements of hands-on, authenticity and application of content. My overall teaching style and curriculum supports  life-career skills and choices, financial literacy ,business and entrepreneurship, media and information literacy. As well as the fundamental learning skills of creativity, critical thinking,collaboration and communication , also […]

Week 4 – One more assessment


  Another formative assessment tool I discovered this year is the online response tool, This free tool allows you to build quick quizzes that students can access with their smart phone. The quiz can be student or teacher directed and results can be displayed immediately. It’s a fun activity, that allows you to quickly […]

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