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Week 4- Assessments


I am intrigued by the assessment option referred to as the Word Journal. The word Journal was introduced to me in the article , Technology-Enhanced Classroom Assessment Techniques by Jacqueline Mangien from Faculty Focus. I have used  journaling as a means of student reflection and self-reflection in a number of my classes. This semester, I introduced […]

Week 3- The 24-hour teacher


Has the time commitment required to create a course been a barrier that’s prevented you from agreeing to teach online? I have been tasked with developing and teaching in a blended classroom for about 3 years now. The initial setup  as well as the ongoing maintenance for my classes has been extremely time consuming, but […]

Week 3-Interactivity Musings


According to the article,“The role you play in Online Discussions” ,by David Brown, the online instructor must be willing to take on multiple roles. These roles include community leader, discussion leader, manager , technical consultant and information resource person. Each role played adds value in multiple ways.  I do not think we , as online […]

Week 3 Tips for success


Ease the Uncertainty & Build Community. A personal situation this week with regard to technology, lead me to review the article in our reading “Technology’s Impact on E-learning“.  In this article, Hoffman stresses  the need for preparation, mastery of the technology and keeping it simple in regard to unnecessary “bells and whistles”. What was not […]

Week 3 – Creating Collaboration


Week 3 – How to Maximize Student Engagement Jennifer Hoffman’s article Creating Collaboration states that “One of the current buzzwords in e-learning is collaboration.” Collaboration  is not only key in online learning but the best traditional f2f models strive to incorporate collaborative exercises into the classroom as well.  According to Rebeca Alber, in the article […]

Capstone E-Portfolio Desciption2


PROPOSED COURSE DESCRIPTION: ENTREPRENEURSHIP Entrepreneurship is a subject that I have taught for many years, however, It has always been presented as a series of units inside a broader Business class. This year, for the first time, I have segmented the material and will present it as a standalone semester length course. I have not […]

Capstone E-Portfolio Description1


PRACTICUM CLASS DESCRIPTION: ENTREPRENEURSHIP My practicum class is Entrepreneurship.  My master teacher does an outstanding presentation in the initial course overview and welcome post. She presents the course as a journey  and an adventure and offers multiple definitions and explanations of the concept.  “Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying, developing, and bringing a vision to […]

Capstone E-Portfolio Introduction


INTRODUCTION Purpose & Audience: My capstone project is a demonstration of many of the tools and methodologies used to develop and execute a successful online teaching environment. My immediate audience are the participants of this class, my class instructor and master teacher. Ultimately, I hope to expand my audience  to include other professionals in my […]

More Discussion Week 2


What contributes to “successful” teaching in any venue? According to Shanti Kerr in Tips, Tools and Techniques for Teaching in the Online High School Classroom, “The successful online course is a result of teachers and students maximally utilizing the tools afforded to them. ” I would argue that this point is equally as important in […]

Week 2 discussion con’t


Is teaching online a natural outgrowth of classroom teaching? My initial response to this question was: although there are many similarities in the teaching methodologies used in both the traditional classroom and online teaching, I don’t believe an online venue to necessarily be a ‘natural” outgrowth of the classroom. And then I really thought about […]

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