February 3 2013

Web 2.0 Tools support Information and Media Literacy

BP – Web2.0 Collaborative instruction. Week 2 – Mind42.

The task: Build a mind map “to illustrate your understanding of how Web 2.0 tools can support information and media skills”.  In my opinion, the premise was/is a bit backwards. Without Web 2.0 we would not have a need to redefine information literacy or to create the term media literacy.  Illustrating how Web 2.0 tools support these educational needs is in some ways putting the cart before the horse. Technology is driving society (the cart) and shaping the education of our young people. Web 2.0 tools are not necessarily the result of the consumer’s need for innovative products.

My mind map began as a broad overview of what I felt were essential elements in the implementation of IML in our schools as a reaction to web 2.0 tools. In the Map “IML & Web 2.0”, these thoughts are reflected in branches to the left. On the right, I focused more on connecting the tools to the necessary skills that have been defined and that education systems need to support. I included links to pertinent articles/sources of the information and notes to explain and define the bullet.


Mrs C.


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2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Tools support Information and Media Literacy

  1. alwaysjan

    I think it is important to look at the study that you quote with caution considering it was not performed in the U.S.A. I believe our digital natives are much more tech savvy than in Australia.

    1. cunningham71 (Post author)

      Thank you for making note of the geological difference. Based on my own teaching, the study really rang true for me. My personal experiences mirror the findings that a large percentage of digital natives in my community( in Rural NH) are not tech savvy.(yet) The discouraging piece is that many don’t recognize the importance of obtaining these skills, and are very reluctant learners.


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