February 8 2013

Web2.0 Tools support Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Mind MapBP – Web2.0 Collaborative instruction. Week 3 – Critical Thinking & Mind42

This week’s task: “ illustrate your understanding of how Web 2.0 tools can support critical thinking, systems thinking and problem solving skills.“  My thoughts were inspired by Pam Berger‘s article Student Inquiry And Web 2.0”, where the author identifies the many advantages in utilizing various Web2.0 tools to actively engage learners. According to Pam Berger and the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) it is commonly believed that “Inquiry provides a framework for learning”.  To effectively support this framework “educators should develop interactive, inquiry-based, technology-rich curriculum.” And so my mind map began with the relationship of inquiry based leaning to the fundamental development of Critical Thinking & Problem Solving.  These correlations were further supported by the Maine Learning Technology Initiative in the article “Making meaning-Critiquing reality using web2.0 to Foster Critical Thinking”.  This author identifies a lack of “Higher reasoning skills” and suggests “Socratic questioning is a way of helping students face the issue of critical thinking.”

In addition illustrating  the direct correlation of technology-rich  inquiry  to the many Web2.0 tools available, I also mapped out a project currently taught in my Computer Literacy class.  In this thread,  I identified how the various elements can be modified using Web2.0 tools. Again, I included links to pertinent sources of  information and notes to explain and define the bullet.


Mrs C.

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1 thoughts on “Web2.0 Tools support Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

  1. tdillon13

    Thank you for making Web 2.0 tools so accessible and easy to apply. Showing that what you learn as a student can be translated into a curriculum topic is admirable. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming learning new concepts and ideas and think “Oh my gosh how am I going to apply them to my classroom teaching?” But you are striving to do that and your students are lucky 🙂 ~Tara


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