February 17 2013

Web2.0 Tools support Community & Collaboration

BP – Web2.0 Collaborative instruction. Week 4 – Community, Collaboration & Mind42.Two Business Lessons using Wallwisher

This week’s task: ” illustrate your understanding of how Web 2.0 tools can support community and collaboration…”.  According to Collaboration, a 21st Century Skill: Three Free Sites to Help Students Understand Collaboration, “Collaboration is a Twenty-First Century Skill. It is also a process and that all students need to experience it in order to fully comprehend its potential.” With the onslaught of technology in today’s business world & global communities, the inclusion of communication & collaboration in the classroom is made possible with the use of many Web2.0 tools.

In My Mind Map, Collaboration in Education, I explored the possible application of common web2.0 tools, and their use in the classroom to enhance these 21st century skills.

In the right hand thread, I mapped out two potential class projects to enhance subject areas in my Introduction to Business and Business II classes.   In both branches, I identified how with the use of the collaboration tool, Wallwisher, discussion and class communication could be encouraged.  Note sections outline introductory prompts for each lesson, tool/tech review, appropriate use of the tool and an in-class follow-up of the information shared.  I included links to pertinent sources of information and notes to explain and define bullets where applicable.


Mrs C.