March 2 2013

A Big Thanks to Classmates!

Online Collaborative learningAs with most things, I have always approached online courses with expected anticipation, some necessary determination and to some small degree -trepidation.  But I have to say that I have so enjoyed our work together that, as our class comes to a close, I find myself …well…wanting more.   So the first thing I’d like to do is say Thank You  to all my classmates and of course  Neil for your encouragement , support and contributions toward a great leaning experience .  I think what amazed me most was our group chemistry – if you will. If we could just bottle it up and apply it to our own classrooms, we’d be turning out life-long learners in not time! It’s been a real pleasure to have been a part of such a positive collaborative effort!

Enjoy the rest of your school year,

Mrs. C

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Posted March 2, 2013 by Mrs. C in category 21st Century Skills, My Learning Experiences

1 thoughts on “A Big Thanks to Classmates!

  1. alwaysjan

    Thank you Kae for all that you do! I love your wordle–pictures often speak louder than words and you did an awesome job of representing the learning experiences and the knowledge acquisition with this tool. Stay in touch.


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