October 12 2014

Capstone Week 1 reflection

Week1 reflection : wiki 1

How do the 2 models (online vs. face-to face) of teaching compare?

I hold a relatively optimistic view of the online learning environment, balanced with a touch of realism.  There are always 2 sides to every argument, and online learning is no exception.  Illinois Online Network in Strengths and Weaknesses of Online Learning from the University of Illinois, presents a solid list of pros and cons in the e-learning environment. One strength that had not occurred to me was the Creative Teaching element. “The nature of the semi-autonomous and self-directed world of the Virtual Classroom makes innovative and creative approaches to instruction … more important. In the online environment, the facilitator and student collaborate to create a dynamic learning experience.” Technology is providing an opportunity for teachers to ‘upgrade’ their skills and methodologies; and to “reflect on their course objectives and teaching styles.” This leads to stronger teaching and learning in both the on-line environment and traditional classroom.


Illinois Online Network: Educational Resources- Strengths and Weaknesses of Online Learning. (2010). Retrieved October 12, 2014.


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