October 12 2014

Week 1 more reflection

Week1 reflection : wiki 3

One additional point that caught my attention presented in ION’s list of weaknesses, was the potential limitations of students. Maturity and self-discipline are extremely important to a student’s success in an online environment. The authors indicate that this environment may not be optimally suited to elementary and secondary school age learners. There is no doubt that there is tremendous diversity in younger student’s skill and maturity levels. The very young may not possess these necessary skills needed to succeed, but they do possess tremendous passion and curiosity that can be used to an advantage if properly directed.  Many older high-school age students do lack self-motivation and many other skills needed to be successful on-line.  But shouldn’t they be given the opportunity to develop these skills? And what better way than through a ‘classroom’ that mimics the digital realities of the 21st Century.  Time management, organization and taking responsibility for one’s education is a lesson every secondary school student should possess before tackling the stresses of higher-education or a 21st Century work environment.


Illinois Online Network: Educational Resources- Strengths and Weaknesses of Online Learning. (2010). Retrieved October 12, 2014.

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