April 11 2018

Deeper Learning Through blogging

Deeper Learning

We have seen a stronger connection to a student’s ability to digest and incorporate learned materials when they are actively engaged in the learning process and when the stakes are raised to include an authentic audience. Not only does Blogging in the classroom provide an opportunity to connect on these 2 levels, it also allows students to deepen their understanding through the natural demonstration of what they have learned. “Learning by doing” or pragmatism is a foundational approach to education, a valuable methodology rooted in the early 1900’s with John Dewey. Considered a progressive concept a century ago, it has been built upon and utilized for decades. In today’s classroom, a pragmatic approach is achieved commonly with the use of technology in gamification, simulations, and even virtual reality tools.

A technology experience is certainly not the only method to engage your students in the classroom, but it is helpful when developing the 4 C’s; creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and of course, communication. I agree wholeheartedly with Michael Kiefer that in today’s digital age, technology is simply a natural part of the learning process. In order to fully equip students with the necessary 21st-century skills, they must put learning and technology into context and experience the environment.

I have found that with Blogging, a deeper understanding comes with immersing your students (and yourself) in the writing, the editing, and the audience. Tremendous insight can be gained by the collaborative exchange of ideas, genuine support and objective criticism.

 “There truly is no better way to learn than by doing.”

Kae Cunningham

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