October 24 2014

Capstone E-Portfolio Desciption2


Entrepreneurship is a subject that I have taught for many years, however, It has always been presented as a series of units inside a broader Business class. This year, for the first time, I have segmented the material and will present it as a standalone semester length course. I have not examined it for potential online elements, and if truth be told, have not even formalized the lesson sequence or finalized the syllabus.  The only concrete language that exists today is the course description from our program of studies:

“Entrepreneurship takes business basics to the next level as students work through starting their own “virtual” business. Students are introduced to fundamentals of business ownership and marketing while developing a detailed business plan.  Students improve their knowledge of the business environment through textbook study and individual projects. Students explore the roles of the business owner, business manager and business leader as well as expand their fundamental computer skills through the extensive use of MS office and the Adobe CS6 Suite.”

My hope is to make the transition as seamless(for me) and as transparent (for my students) as possible, while adding substantial rigor to the existing content.  Project-based learning is essential to the development of necessary 21st Century Skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. My plan is to  incorporate significant tech elements into the new course through an integrated business plan project. The intent is to reinforce content with a hands-on learning experience that will ; reinforce computer skills, build self-confidence and encourage young entrepreneurs.


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