February 4 2018

Student Engagement through blogging

Student Engagement

In my previous post, I re-examined my purpose for incorporating blogging into my classroom. and identified the top 5 reasons I believe it to be an effective tool for learning. Today, I’d like to share my thoughts on  how blogging can be a tremendously effective tool to promote student engagement.

I have spent countless hours researching and reading materials on Student Engagement. There are literally hundreds of  valuable resources on the topic. The importance of student engagement in  the classroom, it’s relevance to learning, relationship to student success, higher-order thinking, implications for career readiness, you name it, when it comes to education, successful education, Student Engagement is key!

Tammy L. Stephens, Ph.D., and Guest Author at Pearson shares “Motivating students and encouraging engagement is not an easy feat for teachers. While much of the motivation is intrinsic to the student, teachers play a vital role and can be proactive in cultivating student engagement. Increased student engagement and motivation is key to academic and behavioral success.” In her article, Encouraging Positive Student Engagement and Motivation , she further explains that an engaged student will demonstrate more effort, pay more attention in class and can potentially obtain a higher grade as a result.

For me incorporating blogging into the classroom as a means of engagement seems like a natural solution.

  • Blogging allows students to get involved in their own learning. Providing them with a tool to communicate their thoughts about a class topic or about a personal interest or passion.
  • In a blog post they can reflect on what they have learned and thereby enhance their own understanding of the subject.
  • Students collaborate with their peers, gaining insight through others.
  • Blogging also demonstrates the use of a technology tool, one they are likely more familiar with, as digital natives, than many of their teachers would like to admit.

I believe that students need to be involved and invested in their own learning to be successful. Providing a tool in the classroom , that nurtures active participation, creativity and expression of self , brings our students one step closer to discovering who they are and what they love. Kathleen Morris from Edublogs writes in Ten Reasons Every Educator Should Start Blogging, “Blogging is also a fantastic creative outlet. Whether it’s writing, designing your blog layout, or using photography, video, podcasts or other multimedia tools, blogs offer so much scope for creativity and fun.”

Blogging is one of the many ways we can create a successful learning environment. It is just another tool in the teacher’s toolbox. Does it work for every student, every teacher, every class? Probably not. But Students are actively involved and having FUN in class, what could be better than that!

Happy Blogging!

Mrs. C.

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